In Memory of Sharon Poehlein

Sharon Poehlein

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From Beth Norcross, May 7, 2012:

It is with extraordinary sadness that I tell you of the news of the death of our dear, old friend, Sharon Poehlein. Sharon died on Friday evening after a very courageous battle with what the doctors believe was ALS. Gary, her husband of many years, was by her side, and her devoted children had been with her earlier in the day.

While many of you might not have known Sharon, to us “old Babes,” she was unforgettable. She joined the Babes shortly after we formed and was a regular and lively presence on our rides. She completed her first century (the Seagull) when she was well over 60 and was reminiscing about the “after-party,” when I last saw her on Thursday afternoon. Over the last few weeks, she never missed an opportunity to remind me that I encouraged her to get over the Assateague Bridge by saying: “Sharon Poehlein, get your sorry ass up that hill.” She would then get this wily grin on her face and say, “You know, Beth, every time you go up a hill from now on, I’m going to come back and tell you the same thing.”

She was prominently featured on the ABC news broadcast in 1999/2000 about the Babes, where she talked about how much she loved riding and loved the Babes. And we loved her, too.

I know those of you who knew Sharon join me in expressing our sadness at her passing and our gratitude in having known such a lovely spirit. Each and every time I saw Sharon in the last few weeks, despite the fact that she was living with extraordinarily difficult physical challenges, she would say: “You know, I’ve had a great life.” What a gift she gives to all of us as she passes.

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